John 3:16 In Context!

    There is much confusion regarding the use of the word “world” among many Christians. This is an excellent explanation that brings harmony to the Scriptures, as a whole.    Please watch!

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Urgent! An Emergent Warning

    I want to share with you the latest fad in the Christian arena, which is being called the “Emergent Movement”. I have read, “Why We’re Not Emergent (By Two Guys Who Should Be)” written by Kevin Deyoung and Ted Kluck and “The Courage To Be Protestant” written by David Wells, which has left me on the front edge of this movement. I want to thank my mentors at Together For The Gospel (T4G) for the free books and the education.

   Let me start by saying that the definition of the emergent movement is not written in stone. The best definition has come in the “Living” section of the Atlanta Journal Constitution on Saturday, January 27, 2007. In this article, given to us by Ted Kluck in his book “Why We’re Not Emergent”, there is an interview with the one who his considered the leader of the emergent movement, Brian McLaren. 

In this article they list the nine characteristics of an emerging church:

1- Identify with the life of Jesus.
2- Transform the secular realm.
3- Live highly communal lives.
4- Welcome the stranger.
5- Serve with generosity.
6- Participate as producers.
7- Create as created beings.
8- Lead as a body.
9- Take part in spiritual activities.

    This list is full of good and noble things; however, Ted Kluck brings to our attention that there is no guiding principles about Jesus’ death and resurrection and the need of both for our salvation. This seems to be the norm for the emergents. The centrality of there church is man and not Christ. We need to be aware of this movement and the people who are involved in it who are holding conferences and writing books. Here are the ones that I am aware of; Rob Bell, Brain McLaren, Donald Miller, Tony Jones, Diana Butler Boss, Doug Pagitt, Leonard Sweet, and Karen Ward.

    I want you to see some of this “emergent way of thinking” so that you can be more familiar and able to recognize the language they use. Rob Bell says, “The Bible is still in the center for us, but it’s a different kind of center. We want to embrace mystery, rather than conquer it.” Bell’s wife, Kristen, continues with, “I grew up thinking we’ve figured out the Bible, that we knew what it means. Now I have no idea what most of it means. And yet I feel like life is big again-like life used to be black and white, and now it’s in color.” Emergents don’t believe truth is a destination, but truth is a journey.

     I could go on and on, but I think this is a fair enough warning. I want to leave you with a quote from Donald Miller, from his book “Blue Like Jazz”, in the book Donald is giving his reasons for embracing Jesus, “I think the difference in my life came when I realized, after reading those Gospels, that Jesus didn’t just love me out of principle: He didn’t just love me because it was the right thing to do. Rather, there was something inside me that caused Him to love me.” Ted’s response is, “That last sentence is flat-out wrong and a denial of original sin, total depravity, and God’s free grace in election.” I agree with Ted, to have anything within yourself which is deserving of God’s grace to shine on you is moralism. I hope this post will be helpful in bringing our attention to the things that will take Christ out of the church’s center.

To God be the glory!

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RC Sproul – Christ the Only Way

Christ The Only Way!

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Maintaining Certainty While Respecting Others

Let us not compromise what we now is true for the sake of those who think it is unknowable! If we do, we will be uncertain of everything and all will become a “mystery”. Let us lead them to certainty, or be led ourselves to believe there is nothing for certain!

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Gospel Call and Effective Calling by Wayne Grudem

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“Where’s The Doctrine”

     Can you remember the hamburger commercial that had the old lady who was always asking, “Where’s the beef?”. I think it was Jack in the Box, but I’m not sure. Anyway, have you ever wondered how much of the “church” today resembles the fast-food industry? I say that because I often find myself asking the question, “Where’s the doctrine?” Please, bare with me while I try to make this metaphor work with some sort of clarity. What I’m trying to convey is that the more attractive you try to make the church look to the potential customer, by creating a “value” menu, something that want cost them to much (big bun with a little bit of meat), you run the risk of losing the customers that have given everything that they have for what is inside, the meat.
    Meat, in a biblical sense, is the doctrine. Doctrine is the truths taught by Jesus Christ and the Apostles. It is the life blood of the Christian that leads and guides their lives. It is this attempt at shrinking the doctrine, in order to have something on the menu that is cost effective for the spiritually blind and deaf, that leaves the church with no real substance to feed on, just a lot of fluff. Besides, it is the ones that have considered the cost and will give all that they have for the meat, that will get the better “value” in the end.
     John 17:17 says, “Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth”. Sanctify means to cleanse from corruption; to purify from sin; to make holy by detaching the affections from the world and its defilements, and exalting them to a supreme love to God, (1828 Webster’s Dictionary). Oh! My brothers, where is the doctrine!

To God be the glory!

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Jump In!

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