Maintaining Certainty While Respecting Others

Let us not compromise what we now is true for the sake of those who think it is unknowable! If we do, we will be uncertain of everything and all will become a “mystery”. Let us lead them to certainty, or be led ourselves to believe there is nothing for certain!

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  1. “In fact, there are many people (skeptics) out there who may be better morally than I am. Therefore I can have a real degree of solidarity with everyone; with the poor, the disenfranchised, the criminal, because that’s me, if left to myself. It is the grace of God ALONE that makes me to differ, and so what free grace does is that it makes it so that I can only point to Jesus and what He has done for me, for there never will be someting I can point to in myself which makes me superior to others in light of God’s majesty and holiness.”

    There you go! ’nuff said!

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