Jump In!

What do you guys think?  Make it a favorite and stay tuned!

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  1. Very nice.

  2. About time you put Spurgeon on your links!LOL.

  3. Yeah Bill I agree. How can a “historic protestant” not have Spurgeon in the mix! This is ridiculous! LOL. But it is good to see Brother Rich on here too. Even if Christie does the typing for him.!!

  4. I feel Rich. If I could get my wife to type for me, I’d be able to post more! I wonder why “Historic Protestant” doesn’t have any Luther or Edwards links up yet?

  5. I think our friends at Monergism serve us well with their resources on a great number of “Historic Protestants”. One stop shopping!!
    Augustine, Owen, Luther, Edwards, and some you never heard of. They have a HUGE contemporary library as well. Check it out!

  6. How much are they paying you anyway? lol

  7. We are patiently awaiting your next post.:0

  8. Still Waiting………………….


  10. Yeh! Thanks for the memories.

  11. What’s the hold-up? You’ve got students out here eager to learn. Share your knowledge!

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